6 weird And thrilling facts about Condoms

There comes a time in each young teens existence once they need to walk into the local save and scoop up a field of condoms. that time spent ready in line and then subsequently setting the field down on the counter can be pretty dreadful to a youngster, and yet we have to all do it at one point or some other. professionals declare that around 18.6 billion condoms were used in 2015 on my own, that is far extra than stunning. the majority don’t recognize too much approximately that piece latex sitting in their wallet, although. here are ten weird, but interesting information approximately condoms.

Condoms Are historic

The first condom turned into clearly observed in a cave in France. Scientists accept as true with the safety is around 12,000 to fifteen,00 years old. One becomes additionally observed in Lund, Sweden, and changed into the product of pig gut from round 1640.

Tough to come back 

At one factor in time, it turned into nearly impossible to get hold of condoms. There had been merchandising machines at some stage in america in 1928, however before that a prescription from a physician became required for teens to stay secure.

Combat Syphilis

Initially, the condom was best designed as a way to prevent syphilis. lower back within the 16th century, an Italian referred to as Gabriele Falloppio wrote a paper on the sexually transmitted disease. He used linen sheaths as safety returned then.

Evolving substances

Condoms have been now not always made using latex. At one point in records, those little buggers were the product of intestines from diverse animals, linen, silk, and even leather. thankfully there aren’t many made using the latter cloth these days.


All through the 1600s, whilst animal intestines have been used for condoms, most of the people have been bought absolutely reusable condoms for his or her sexual adventures. An unmarried condom should final for several months at a time, shockingly.

Weasel Testicles

Sure, condoms have been usually around, but they were not that popular as a shape of birth manage until sometime inside the twentieth century. before then, women had been advised to apply weasel testicles on their thighs in order to save you an ailment or a baby.

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