6 Abnormal People With Truly Lengthy Hair

1. Daria Gubanova
Daria Gubanova
Daria Gubanova stopped cutting her hair on a guess 14 years ago and become a actual-life Rapunzel. This Russian splendor's super head of thick hair comes down nearly to her ankles, much like the fictional individual. The 27-12 months-old, who lives within the metropolis of Barnaul in south-vital Russia's Altai Krai area, says she will no longer trim her superb mane until it reaches her ft. 

2. Lianne Robinson
Lianne Robinson
Lianne Robinson claims she bears such an uncanny likeness to Rapunzel that she cannot even exit with out being stopped in the street due to the fact little women think she is a princess.
The 28-yr-vintage mother from Retford, Nottinghamshire, takes hours to get geared up due to the fact her almost 4ft long mane is the sort of speaking factor with fairy story-obsessed children. Lianne first started out growing her hair 17 years ago, and now it measures nearly to her knees.
Remarkably, but, it takes her best 15-20 mins to blow-dry her locks, which she continues soft and shiny using normal shampoo and conditioner.

3. Aliia Nasyrova
Aliia Nasyrova
Consider living your existence with the weight of a cat hanging from your head. this is how Aliia Nasyrova described what it's want to have 4.five-pound, 90-inch lengthy hair.
The 27-12 months-vintage, who grew up in Russia, has been growing her hair on account that she turned into seven. Her insanely lengthy tresses have gained her greater than 69,000 fans on Instagram, and 22 pounds of hair care products. She currently lives in Riga, Latvia together with her husband, Ivan Balaban, who's proud of her for refusing to chop it off.

4. Aaron Fernando
Aaron Fernando
Long-locked Aaron Fernando has been bullied out of faculty after cruel tormentors mocked her lengthy hair. The 15-year-antique, who hair reaches a wonderful period of 4ft 4in, needed to put up with scoffs from her classmates.
The courageous teen, who is handiest 12 inches taller than her hair, is now being domestic schooled. despite this, she has no regrets about her lengthy locks even though keeping them is not any clean feat, as she has to cast off tangles two times a day with a brush. while she is going out, Aaron is pressured to drag her hair back into a plait due to the fact in any other case it “whips around like loopy.” 

5. Nguyen Van Chien
Nguyen Van Chien
Mr. Nguyen Van Chien, 85, from the southern province of Tien Giang, hasn't cut his hair in greater than 70 years. it's far now 4m lengthy and weighs 2 pounds (over 4 pounds). everybody who sees this man is impressed by means of his hair and his properly health. Chien can study and thread a needle without the usage of glasses. He additionally works tough on his farm. 
Chien is a Buddhist. He constructed a small temple at domestic over 40 years ago. considering the fact that then, he has maintained a vegetarian weight-reduction plan and best eats one meal a day. 

6. Andrea Colson
Andrea Colson
Andrea Colson, 33, who became born within the U.S. however now lives in Micronesia, credits a day by day spoonful of peanut butter for her smooth, sixty four-inch tresses, which can be longer than five rulers. The Christian missionary also massages coconut oil into her hair two times a week and says she trims the ends to keep them in exact condition.
It takes 30 minutes for Andrea, who says Disney's Rapunzel is her proposal, to plait her hair. She uses special hair ties to comprise her thick locks and has been developing her now foot-skimming mane considering that she become little. She frequently gets stopped in the street via admiring strangers.

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