Is it a chicken? A aircraft? Bracknell nearby claims to have captured footage of a UFO

Pictures of what looks like a ufo flying over Bracknell in Berkshire surfaced at the net in overdue August 2017.
Resident Bob clever recorded the bizarre object, which he says turned into flashing its lighting at around noon, on a hot, sunny day. The sighting caused Bob to tug out his digital camera and report the unusual occasion.
Smart claims the flying object was desk bound in the beginning. It became pulsing, however dim and became brighter through the years. in the beginning, he didn’t agree with it to be extraterrestrial; alternatively, clever idea it ought to be a brand new sort of military plane that turned into being examined. but at the same time as modifying the photos he shot, he observed the craft become extra round than streamlined. He additionally recollects that it hovered over the clear sky for nearly seven mins earlier than flying off.
The confused guy believes that item turned into not of human origin, as it burned bright with the intensity of magnesium, nor did its lights look electrical. but, what certainly made this object stick out is the vicinity in which it became spotted which continually has planes and helicopters flying overhead. on this region, it’s easy to peer an experimental aircraft, but this one caught out like a sore thumb, as it changed into a lot distinctive than what the locals are accustomed to witnessing every day in Easthampsted, Bracknell.
sensible claims that that the photos he shot on his phone is the genuine article, no fakery concerned. whilst you see it, you’ll probable agree that it looks real. Bracknell has been a popular alien craft spot for numerous years, with many residents claiming to have seen unexplained aircraft buzzing overhead. Do you consider smart’s video is finally proof of the lifestyles extraterrestrials? Or is it a trick of the attention, or a brand new type of aircraft in the trying out stages?
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