Kris Jenner Just Broke Her Silence On Kylie's being pregnancy

If you did not already realize that Kylie Jenner is pregnant, well, allow m to be the primary to inform you: Kylie Jenner is pregnant!

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She's looking ahead to an infant with rapper Travis Scott, whom she's been dating on account that April.

When the news broke yesterday, the whole Kardashian-Jenner extended family stayed silent about it — which includes Mama Kris.

However this morning, even as attending an event at Milan Fashion Week, Kris gave an interview with The cut — and she (truly reluctantly) broke her silence.

"Did you know the news changed into going to interrupt about Kylie?" the interviewer asked.

"I just awakened this morning," Kris answered. "She’s not showing whatever. I think it’s type of wild that everybody is simply assuming that that’s just going on."

At the same time as Kris did no longer verify the news herself, she also failed to deny it, adding:

At the same time as Kylie hasn't released an authentic assertion on the matter, more than one outlets are reporting the news. TMZ changed into the primary to interrupt the tale and stated more than one resources.

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A source with understanding of the state of affairs additionally showed the pregnancy.

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And Kylie's Instagram has featured a few older images as of past due. Like this one, published days ago, is in reality from closing year:

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Well, we look forward to listening to what Kylie has to say about all this.j
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