Body Of Souls: My Bipolar Special Effects Makeup Concept

This special effects make-up idea was stimulated via our inner demons, and mental ailments together with bipolar, ADHD, and depression. it is the notion that we can all relate to having inner demons, a self-doubt continuously dragging us down. 
I created the latex masks and body portions all within a 9 day turn to apply on an image shoot the usage of Suzi Cumming as a model. The event becomes special to us as we collaborated with thoughts as Suzi is a sufferer and really helped make it clean what suffering sincerely looks as if-if you can see what a sufferer become feeling. Suzi advised incorporating arms as if being held back and tied down or suffocated. and I virtually wanted to expose expressions and emotions in the faces inside the layout. additionally, an ambigram turned into positioned into the layout which states “I’m exceptional” and whilst became upside down it reads “store me”.
The professional snapshots had been taken by using horror fanatic Rick Jones at Horrify my studios. I picked Rick for his top-notch enhancing abilities and love of horror and details because although they photographed the layout in its uncooked nation they later added masses of fake blood which driven the design into an image gory style. The design took 6 hours to use with assistant Claire Jones. If it turned into no longer for Claire assistance the layout might have taken a good deal longer to apply. The idea of wearing a mask additionally brings into the concept that many of us conceal in the back of a mask of our genuine feelings each day as we put on a satisfied face to masks the ache internal or problem times in our lives. The layout is special and, with any luck, it indicates to anybody struggling that they are now not by myself. talk out and talk to all and sundry about how you’re feeling it will likely flip out that they will have been feeling similar sooner or later.

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